We're here to make life easy.

Our main focus is to help families, both small and big businesses to connect, share and communicate with the rest of the world.

We make all kinds of apps and websites for education, utility, social networking, shopping and more.

We are also here to help anyone who would like to create an app or website.

"Time changes, so lets build a better world while we can" - Ricasko.

  • BisaGps is an app that will help Ghanaians connect and find locations in their local areas. BisaGps is here for everyone! This app benefits local businesses, taxi drivers, and citizens. All users will be able to add their current location and travel to their desired destination. There are three account options available: Business Owner, Taxi Driver, and other.
  • IfNotTech is an online marketing website that consists of new gadgets, computers, phones and games. Products and their comparable prices are provided online. Customers have the ability to compare two products and choose the one that fits their budget. The products on this website are reviewed by a technology professional. Remember, IfNotTech does not own any of the products on the online page.
  • IfNotPics is a website used for posting, sharing and creating memes with friends and family. Users have the ability to download memes according to their liking. Professional recommend customers to use the app rather than the website.